2011 Kawasaki VN1700C VULCAN NOMAD


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    • Engine: Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, SOHC, four valve per cylinder, 52 deg. V-twin
    • Displacement: 1,700 cc / 103.7 cu. in.
    • Bore x Stroke: 102 x 104 mm
    • Compression ratio: 9.5:1
    • Maximum Torque: 108 lb-ft @ 2,750rpm
    • Cooling System: Liquid, plus cooling fins
    • Induction: Digital fuel injection, dual 42mm throttle bodies
    • Ignition: TCBI with Digital Advance
    • Transmission: Six-speed with overdrive and positive neutral finder
    • Frame Type: Steel, double-cradle with box-section single-tube backbone
    • Rake/Trail: 30 deg. / 7.0 in.
    • Front Suspension / wheel travel: 43 mm hydraulic fork / 5.5 in.
    • Rear Suspension / wheel travel: Swingarm with twin air-assisted shocks, with 4-way rebound damping / 3.1 in.
    • Front Tire Size: 130/90x16
    • Rear Tire Size: 170/70x16
    • Brakes, front / rear: Dual 300 mm discs, dual twin-piston calipers / Single 300 mm disc, twin-piston caliper
    • Overall length: 98.4 in.
    • Overall width: 40.4 in.
    • Ground clearance: 5.1 in.
    • Wheelbase: 65.6 in.
    • Fuel capacity: 5.3 gal.
    • Color Choices: Candy Neptune Blue / Metallic Phantom Silver, Ebony / Metallic Moondust Grey
    • Warranty: 24 months
    • Good Times™ Protection Plan: 12, 24, 36 or 48 months
    • Final Drive: Belt
    • Overall height: 57.7 in.
    • Seat height: 28.7 in.
    • Curb weight: 834 lb.
    New for 2011
    • Redesigned mufflers offer improved sound quality and feature a more tapered, classic look
    • Improved and quieter shifting action via revised 1st gear ratio and taller teeth on the third and fourth gears
    • Improved EFI settings that match the new muffler assemblies more accurately
    • Refinished intake manifold is smoothed internally for improved fuel mixture flow
    Key Features
    • Powerful 1,700cc liquid-cooled V-twin
    • Six-speed transmission for relaxed cruising
    • Electronic cruise control maintains speed for more comfort on long trips and works with the electronic throttle valve system for precision
    • Optically correct windshield is height adjustable
    • Deluxe passenger backrest is standard equipment
    • Chrome backrest support features ergonomic passenger grab handles for comfort
    • Lockable, color matched, top-opening hard saddlebags are capacious and easy to pack
    • Low 28.7-inch seat height enhances the comfortable riding position
    Adjustable Windscreen
    • Adjustable handlebar-mounted and optically correct windscreen is shaped for optimum airflow management without compromising the Nomad's cruiser styling
    • Strong chrome-plated steel supports
    • Two-position height
    • Sub-windshield and deflectors further increase wind protection
    • The sub-windshield covers the area between the windshield and headlight when the windshield is in the raised position, while fork-mounted deflectors help direct air away from the rider's legs
    Touring Seats and Passenger Backrest
    • Sculpted rider and passenger seats offer all-day comfort and support
    • Sturdy backrest with integrated passenger grab bars contributes to passenger confidence
    • Passenger floorboards add extra comfort to the 2-up equation
    Hard, Lockable Side Cases
    • The Nomad features hard, lockable, top-opening side cases that each provide 10 gallons (38L) of sealed storage space for overnight touring
    • Front and rear guards help protect the bike's engine and hard side cases in the event of a tip-over
    • Helmet locks are conveniently located on the left and right-side saddlebag guards
    Powerful 1,700cc V-twin engine
    • Liquid-cooled, four valves per cylinder, fuel-injected 1,700cc 52-degree V-twin engine
    • Long-stroke 102 x 104mm bore and stroke helps deliver high levels of torque with a distinct V-twin feel
    • Valve system is based on the Vulcan 2000, but uses a single overhead cam arrangement instead of pushrods for quicker revving and enhanced mid-high rpm power
    • Semi-dry sump design allows a lower crankshaft placement and a longer piston stroke without increasing engine height
    • Single-pin crank accentuates the engine's V-twin character by providing stronger power pulses
    • Large-capacity airbox is located on both sides of the engine
    • Small-diameter iridium sparkplugs reach deep into the combustion chamber for high combustion efficiency, especially during low-load operation
    • Dual mufflers, one on each side of the bike, allow maximum clearance for luggage
    • Engine tuning offers superior acceleration in the 50 to 70 mph range
    • Even in overdrive, the engine pulls strongly in this speed range, facilitating overtaking at highway speeds
    Next-generation Fuel Injection
    • Based on the systems used by the Ninja® 650R and Vulcan 900 motorcycles
    • Utilizes one sensor in place of the usual three for reduced complexity and weight
    • The touring-oriented Nomad utilizes FI and exhaust systems tuned to reach peak torque and horsepower at a higher rpm than the engines used in standard Vulcan 1700 cruisers
    On Board Diagnostics
    • Diagnostic system allows self-testing of the electronic systems on the Vulcan 1700
    • System displays codes on the instrumentation, which can be read by owner using accessory manual
    Electronic Throttle Valve System
    • Fully electronic throttle actuation system enables the ECU to control the volume of intake air (via throttle valve angle) and fuel (via fuel injector timing) delivered to the engine
    • Optimized fuel injector timing and throttle valve position results in accurate, powerful engine response
    • Control of both fuel injection and airflow provides easy starting and precise cold-engine idle speed control
    • From the rider's perspective, the ETV works like a standard cable-operated throttle; the throttle grip is still connected to cables, so the feel at the grip is the same
    • Twisting the throttle turns a pulley on the throttle body, which triggers the Accelerator Position Sensor (APS) to send a signal to the ECU, which then modulates the throttle valves via a DC motor
    • Accurate throttle position is relayed to the ECU by a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
    • APS and TPS send two sets of signals to the ECU for system redundancy in the unlikely event of a sensor failure
    Cruise Control
    • Cruise control can be engaged and adjusted entirely from the right handlebar
    • Cruise control can be activated in 3rd gear or above at any speed between 30 mph and 85 mph
    • Pressure on the brake lever, clutch lever or rear brake pedal will automatically disengage the cruise control, as will manually rolling off the throttle
    Six-speed Transmission / Final Drive
    • Six-speed transmission with positive neutral finder
    • 5th and 6th are overdrive gears for excellent fuel economy when cruising at highway speeds
    • 28mm carbon fiber final drive belt has a tensile strength that's 40 percent greater compared to current Kevlar belts, allowing the Vulcan 1700 to use a slim belt only 2mm wider than the Kevlar unit on the Vulcan 900
    • Belt drive system is quiet, efficient and offers reduced maintenance compared to a chain
    Light Handling Chassis
    • The frame features a short wheelbase for optimal ergonomics and easy maneuverability
    • Lightweight and slim, the frame minimizes the number of forged parts and trims any unnecessary metal. The only forged parts are areas that require additional strength: the down-tube joint, engine brackets, side-stand bracket, and rear fender/shock absorber bracket
    • This compact design contributes to light handling and facilitates low-speed handling, especially maneuvers such as parking or U-turns
    43mm Telescopic Fork
    • Provides superb steering feedback
    • 5.5 inches of travel for excellent ride quality
    • Optimized damping and spring settings for a plush but controlled ride
    Dual Adjustable Rear Air Shocks
    • Air-adjustable shocks can be tuned to match varying rider and passenger loads
    • 4-way rebound damping adjustments help the shocks compensate for changes in spring pressure
    • Chrome shock covers contribute to the bike's overall luxurious finish
    9-Spoke Cast Wheels
    • Allow the use of tubeless tires, and nicely complement the Nomad's styling
    • 130/90 front and 170/70 rear tires
    • Tire choice and suspension settings selected augment the chassis' light handling characteristics
    Classic V-twin Styling
    • Basic engine architecture positively impacts the V-twin's overall appearance
    • The line created by the top of the airbox and the cylinder heads forms a curved shape that continues to flow through the bike
    • Deeply chromed engine covers have curved upper surfaces; their three-dimensional form adds volume and gives a high-quality appearance
    • Cooling fin edges have a special NC treatment that makes them gleam in sunlight
    • All the engine's non-chromed parts have a matte black finish to accentuate the chrome
    • The fuel tank's hand-sculpted contours employ constantly varying radii, giving the bike a dynamic flowing style which is pleasing both to the eye and to the touch
    • Elegantly shaped fuel tank contributes to the Nomad's curvaceous figure
    • Front fender design continues through the rear fender, which features an elegant LED taillight
    • Ignition switch allows on-position key removal, which prevents keys from scratching the instrument cluster or tank while the bike is in operation
    • Turning the ignition switch to the “OFF” position turns the engine off and necessitates re-insertion of the key to restart
    • Multi-function LCD displays on the tank-mounted instrument cluster are controlled by switches on the right handle. Features include a gear-position indicator, fuel gauge, clock, odometer, dual trip meters, remaining range and average fuel consumption
    • Liberal use of chrome on the engine, fender brackets, light stays, saddlebag accents and front and rear guards contrasts nicely with the bodywork's deep, lustrous paint



    Engine Type
    Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, SOHC, four valve per cylinder, 52 deg. V-twin
    1,700 cc / 103.7 cu. in.
    Bore and Stroke
    102 x 104 mm
    Liquid-Cooled, plus cooling fins
    Compression Ratio
    Fuel System
    Digital fuel injection, dual 42 mm throttle bodies
    TCBI with Digital Advance


    Front Suspension
    43 mm hydraulic fork / 5.5 in.
    Rear Suspension
    Swingarm with twin air-assisted shocks, with 4-way rebound damping / 3.1 in.
    Front Brakes
    Dual 300 mm discs, dual twin-piston calipers
    Rear Brakes
    Single 300 mm disc, twin-piston caliper
    Front Tire
    Rear Tire


    65.6 in.
    Seat Height
    28.7 in.
    30 deg.
    7.0 in.
    Fuel Capacity
    5.3 gal.


    Six-speed with overdrive and positive neutral finder
    Final Drive


    Candy Neptune Blue / Metallic Phantom Silver, Ebony / Metallic Moondust Grey
    24 months