2015 Roadsmith HDST-R

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One Cool Trike

The HDST is a trike that can be dressed up for touring or stripped down for a sexy little cruiser. Either way, it has a look and attitude that few can resist.

  • Independent rear suspension
  • True track stabilizer bar
  • Longer wheelbase
  • Belt Driven Differential
  • Disc brakes
  • Alloy wheels
  • Storage Compartment
  • Factory styled body
  • Trailer hitch
  • Steering kit
  • 3 year 1,000,000 mile warranty on the entire trike kit
  • Wheelbase: 74" with steer kit
  • Overall length: 111" with steer kit
  • Overall width: 56"
  • Weight: 1020 lb.
  • Storage: 27" wide x 14" high opening x 15" deep
  • Suspension: Independent trailing arms
  • Tires, rear : 215/55-16 radial
  • Rims, rear : Polished 16 x 7 aluminum
  • Final drive ratio: same as motorcycle
  • Brakes, rear: Dual 11 " disc brakes
  • Shocks: adjustable coil over
  • Body material: Polyester resin, stranded fiberglass, Paint finish PPG urethane
  • Roadsmith Raked Triple Trees: An option that we offer and highly recommend is our 6 degree raked triple trees. We push the front axle ahead to reduce the trail in the front end. Remember when we call these rake kits, what we really are changing is the trail. We are changing the trail from about 6.69" to 4". By doing this, it acts like you have wider handlebars in the sense that it gives you more mechanical leverage to turn the trike.
  • Performance SwayBar: This handy new option increases your cornering performance, and also helps reduce unwanted body roll that can come from heavy loading or riding with a passenger.
  • Electric Reverse: A unique and cool option we have developed is our Electric Reverse System. This electric motor is not just a starter motor, but rather an extremely high torque 12V motor that goes through a gear reduction to produce huge torque. To operate the reverse, simply lift the lever on the left side to engage the electric motor's gear directly into the front of the belt's sprocket. One you've engaged the motor simply push and hold the bike's horn button down to back you up. When done, put the engagement lever back down and the horn button will be a horn button again.There is a safety built in so if you put the bike in gear while the lever is up, the horn sounds! You'll probably only do that once.
  • Wheel Package: You can have matching front and rear wheels by ordering our custom wheel package. This Forged 18" Performance Machine front wheel comes in a bright chrome finish and a fresh new tire. The front rim is machine to match our chrome 16" wheels below.
  • Chrome Rear Rims: You can brighten up your wheels with this 16" x 7" chrome rim option. They are a 5x4.5" bolt pattern with a positive 35mm offset.
  • White Wall Tires: If your front tire has a white wall, you should have matching tires in the rear, right? We offer them with the fat 1 1/2" white walls, thin 3/8" white walls, or for the 2009's a 3/16" thin white wall. The tires are specially made to our specification. The 215/55-16 tires are Formoza FD1's.
  • Chrome Nerf Bumper: Add protection and beauty to your rear end with our Nerf Bumper. This 1 1/2" chrome plated tube with capped ends is solidly mounted to to the trike frame. So if you do "bump" into it, it's OK.
  • Mudflaps: These ingenious items will magically make the rider behind you happier in a rain storm.
  • Lighted Mudflaps: These mudflaps will not only prevent that big rooster tail from soaking your buddies behind you, they have 6" Roadsmith LED lights in them that function as running and brake lights.
  • Wheel Well Trim Package: This is a 3/8" stick on trim that goes around your wheel opening. It just finishes off the look nicely.
  • Trike Cover: Protect your trike on its off days with this cover made of water resistant, rip-stop nylon.
  • Draw Bar: Your kit already comes with the receiver hitch, but this is the drawbar you'll need to actually tow.
  • Trailer Converter: This harness actually plugs right into the factory harness to give you a flat four connector for your trailer.
  • Pinstripes: Pinstripes can be matched to your bike's layout on single color paint schemes.



Rear Suspension
Independent trailing arm
Rear Brakes
Dual 11" disc brakes
Rear Tire
215/55-16 Radial


Dry Weight
1020 lb.
74" w/ steer kit


3 year 1,000,000 mile warranty

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