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2016 Roadsmith HSC1500

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The trike that other trikes run from.

The HSC1500 is no doubt a fun and exhilarating ride. This is the Hot Rod of Trikes.

  • Independent Rear Suspension: The smooth ride of the Roadsmith HSC1500 is primarily due to our innovative suspension system that offers a ride like no other trike. The Trike Shop was the first to offer Independent Suspension for trike conversions over 20 years ago. The cynics said it would never work. They’re eating those words today. Talk to anyone who has actually ridden an Independent Rear Suspension and a solid axle system trike for a period of time and ask them which one rode better. You can’t deny the fact that Independent Rear Suspension is the way manufacturers of cars, SUV’s and ATV’s are going. Trikes are no different. These trikes are built with a purpose- “Touring”. The multi-point mount of the chassis to the bike frame actually strengthens the bikes frame as well as dissipates the added stress of a trike. We attach it to the existing mounting points on the frame; for example, on the HSC1500 we use the upper shock mounts and the crash bar mounts. A feature of the trailing arm type independent suspension is the fact that there are very few moving parts. There are literally only two pivot points on each trailing arm. This eliminates any adjustments or maintenance requirements. There are more complicated ways to design a suspension, but why?
  • True Track Stabilizer Bar: The stabilizer bar, also known as a sway bar, is a flexible link between the two trailing arms. The bar uses the torsion effect to always try to keep the trike righted or sitting square to the ground. The beauty of the stabilizer bar is the fact then when one wheel hits a bump, the bar can flex quickly to absorb the movement then return. This is the same technology used in almost every vehicle today. Just think if you had “no lean”. This means your trike is always perfectly square to the ground. In effect, if you go over a 2” bump with your right wheel the trike rocks up 2”. With Independent Suspension, just that wheel goes up. The antiquated solid axle system is only made today because it’s cheaper and easier. Technology has improved a lot in the short history of trike conversions but some are too stuck in their ways. We offer only the most innovative designs to our customers.
  • Longer Wheelbase: We increase the wheelbase on all of our conversions. This puts the rear wheels back behind the passengers’ seat area, rather than sitting right on top of the wheels. Any vehicle that has a longer wheelbase will have a smoother ride, it’s just common sense. As an added benefit, the differential being farther back reduces the driveshaft angle.
  • Shaft Driven Differential: Our differential is constructed from standard automotive ring and pinion gear sets. The original application of our differential was a Ford car. We cut down this brand new cast iron housing and make an Independent Suspension differential out of it. The components inside it are all new including the 2.93:1 ratio ring and pinion. We keep the speedometer correct with that ratio and tire diameter.
  • Disc Brakes: Large disc brakes more than handle the stopping of this trike. Remember, trikes stop faster and easier than bikes. With more tire contact area and much better stability, braking a trike is not the white knuckled balancing act that a bike can be. The wheel bearings, calipers and rotors are all from a high production automobile application known as the VW Beetle. Like all of our constructed drive train, we use everyday parts off the shelf for your convenience.
  • Heavy Duty Driveshaft: We manufacture a completely new driveshaft built from full size sealed automotive u-joints and a 2” tube. These are the same components used in full sized cars and trucks. We figure if that design can hold up in those heavy vehicles it should have no problems with a trike application.
  • Heavy Duty CV Joints: The axles are custom made for our conversion kits, but the constant velocity (CV) joints are standard automotive applications such as VW and Porsche. We use automotive type parts for all of our drive train because it’s designed for a much heavier load, meaning these parts will probably last forever in this light duty application. Again, using off the shelf parts for your convenience.
  • Alloy Wheels: The Alloy wheels that come with our conversion kits are clear-coated aluminum rims that have a similar look and finish to the bikes front rim. They are a 16x7”, 5x4 1/2, with a positive 35mm offset size that fits many automotive applications. We also offer a Chrome plated option.
  • Storage Compartment: The large storage compartment comes completely carpeted to both protect and store your riding gear. The trunk (4 cubic feet) has about twice the capacity of the stock saddlebags. This gives you a larger space to fit larger objects into. The large trunk door opening also allows for easier packing or loading. The release for the saddlebags under the Tour Pack is now used to release the latch for the trunk. This convenient trunk will fit all your gear securely away from the elements.
  • Factory Styled Body: The slick body design incorporates the look and feel of the original motorcycle. We feel the trike conversion body should melt seamlessly into the original body parts. The body is constructed of heavy-duty fiberglass. It is then painted with urethane paint, flat sanded, and buffed to a mirror finish to ensure a perfect paint match both in color and finish. The mounting system for the body ensures a rock solid attachment and no exposed mounting hardware. Notice the added foot room for the passenger, another feature of a longer wheelbase.
  • Trailer Hitch: With any touring machine a trailer hitch is a familiar sight. When riding a trike a trailer is not a danger like it is on a bike. The trike will never feel like there’s a trailer behind it. We include a 1 1/4” receiver for a trailer hitch neatly tucked under the body. It is incorporated into the rear body support and welded directly into the strongest part of our frame. This is not an option or add-on, it’s built right in. It is another one of the innovative ideas built into the design of our trike kit.
  • Warranty: The Trike Shop has an unparalleled history of customer service and satisfaction and we put it in writing, with the best warranty in the market. Your trike comes with a full 3 year or 1,000,000 mile warranty on the entire trike kit. We can offer this because we know with over 14 years of producing this type of conversion kit, we do it right the first time.
  • Wheelbase: 78 in.
  • Overall length: 116 in.
  • Overall width: 56 in.
  • Weight: 1150 lb.
  • Storage: 27 in. wide x 14 in. high opening x 15 in. deep
  • Suspension: Lateral trailing arm Independent Rear Suspension
  • Suspension adjustment: Coil Over Shock (Automatic Air w/AccuRide Option)
  • Stabilizer bar: 5/8 in. bar to control body roll
  • Tires, rear: 215/55-16 radial
  • Rims, rear: 16x7 alloy 5x4 1/2 35mm offset
  • Final drive ratio: 2.93:1
  • Brakes, rear: Dual piston calipers
  • Shocks: Adjustable coil over
  • Body material: Polyester resin fiberglass
  • Drive system: 2 in. diameter shaft w/ sealed u-joints
  • AccuRide: This convenient new option is an auto leveling system that adjusts the suspension for various loads with Progressive Air Shocks. Using a magnetic sensor, AccuRide knows exactly how much to "air up" or "air down" the shocks depending on the load. This allows the trike to always be at the correct ride height, with no need for manual adjustment.
  • Steering Kit: The Roadsmith 6 degree steering kit is an option that most people get, if not initially, someday. The HSC 1500 needs a rake increase to make for a comfortable and stable trike. To explain what a steering kit does is a little complicated. It basically feels like power steering for your trike. It reduces the steering effort by about half. The front-end geometry for a motorcycle is designed with a certain amount of trail in the front end to allow the bike to counter steer easily and remain stable. As a trike we are not counter steering, but rather steering. This is the opposite of what that front end was designed to do. With our steering kit, we reduce the trail in the front end to give you better leverage at the handlebars tosteer kit steer your trike. It gives you better mechanical advantage to turn the front wheel off of center. It’s like your handlebars are twice as wide as they really are. This can positively affect your fatigue level at the end of a long day.
  • Performance SwayBar: This handy new option increases your cornering performance, and also helps reduce unwanted body roll that can come from heavy loading or riding with a passenger.
  • Mudflaps: These will make the person behind you a little happier in the rain and make your Roadsmith look a little classier on the road. They are mounted right to the frame with black powder coated brackets.
  • Lighted Mudflaps: These mudflaps will not only prevent that big rooster tail from soaking your buddies behind you, they have 6" Roadsmith LED lights in them that function as running and brake lights.
  • Chrome Rear Rims: You can brighten up your wheels with this 16" x 7" chrome rim option. They are a 5 x 4 1/2 bolt pattern with a positive 35mm offset. Also available in 17".
  • Wheel Well Trim Package: This is a 3/8" stick on trim that goes around your wheel opening. It just finishes off the bike's look.
  • Roadsmith Trike Cover: Protect your trike on its off days with this cover made of water resistant, rip-stop nylon.
  • Draw Bar: The trike conversion already comes with a built in receiver for a trailer hitch. This is the draw bar you'll need to actually tow.
  • Trailer Converter: This harness actually plugs right into the factory harness to give you a flat four connector for your trailer.
  • Paint-Ready Main Body: This is the prepped and primed body ready to be sanded and painted.
  • Solid Color Paint: We can paint to match your bike's exact color.
  • Two-Tone with Stripe: We can also paint two-tones to match your bike's exact color and layout scheme.



Rear Suspension
Lateral trailing arm Independent Rear Suspension
Rear Brakes
Dual piston calipers
Rear Tire
215/55-16 radial


Dry Weight
1150 lb.
78 in.

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